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We are in the time and place of the greatest overthrow in the history of mankind. It would be a shame to not peek in at least once in a while.

Here I share one heckuva peek… And links to see more… Oh so much more.

Q: “Watch the resignations”

In this video 412 Anon helps us do exactly that. The four researching activists in the show also cover other really exciting Drain The Swamp news.

The one thing I struggled with in the above video was following through on some of the suggestions made by the participants. So I watched it again, taking notes, then stumbing around the world wide web so I could help you with any follow up you chose to do.

My links below are definitely NOT a substitute for watching the video, but are places you may want to go and things you might want to see after you watch it.

412 says the easiest way to see his work is follow him on Twitter. Here is a link to take you there.

You may not DO TWITTER, or like me, do enough of it to be a good navigator thereof. I put links below for my similarly equipped fellow travelers.

He mentions the Patriots’ Soapbox Twitter account as a resource. It certainly is. Go see for yourself.

Twitter is news as it happens. Even Trump used the heck out of it to beat the lamestream media monopoly… and still does. However, I prefer less cryptic comments elsewhere on the Internet, like the Public Tableu website they mention.

The first link below is The Dashboard to all the 412 tools shown on the video.!/

The unprecedented uptick in resignations is certainly an interesting sign of success against the leviathan. These people do not casually walk away from positions of unprecedented power and money. But they ARE walking away. See here:!/vizhome/ResignationWorkbook2_0/ResignationDashboard3_0

The Unsealed Indictment interactive tool enables researching in numerous ways this huge spike in sealed and unsealed indictments that are hammering the heart out of the deep state.!/vizhome/IndictmentDashboard/IndictmentDashboard

Perhaps the Bohemian Club’s biggest vulnerability is pedophilia and child trafficking.

412 Anon has produced another impressive tool so we can see major progress against the child abuse rings who have been hiding in the DC den of vipers and snakes. In this the Anon network assembles reports from media world wide on arrests of pedophiles. 412 provides the cool tool showing the trend, pattern and enabling us to see it by state, or even by individual published report.!/vizhome/PedoArrests/PedoArrests

Also available from his dashboard are similar research tools on the huge increase of Medical Researcher Deaths. These people are enemies of Big Pharma and of those who desire population reduction and reduced health among the peasants. There are quite a few other charts 412 puts up. Certainly worth a little banging around at!/