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not pretty, but really good news nevertheless

I only watch the famous Q pronouncements out of the corner of my eye. Much like the economic collapse that keeps not coming is the recent takedown of the deep state that also seems to not happen no matter how imminent it gets.

Q tells us to trust The Plan. That there will be some scary moments, but The Plan is solid. It will lead us to a happy ending.

I am beginning to see increasing numbers of Deep State failures.

They seem to be losing their war to take over Syria. The CIA’s ISIS army is collapsing. The North Korean demon is now cooperatively working with South Korea, China, Russia and the Trump team. Europeans and Scandanivians are beginning to resent and resist their governments’ embracing of foreign Islam and the phony friction with their neighboring Russia. Organized crime, both private and government sector, is losing its hugely profitable war against non-pharmaceutical drugs. Invulnerable ruling-class pedophiles are becoming vulnerable.

Things are occasionally going right in the middle of a crescendo where everything was going wrong all at the same time.

Now I am reading a report and seeing a video that inclines me to actually trust The Plan.

Heckuva show.

I do not think there has ever been a bigger one in recorded history, and we are the select few with seats in the theater.

The fifteen minute YouTube report below is good news for those who have feared that the dark side owned the future. They may well get set back a generation or two, perhaps more if we can dismantle the ministry of indoctrination.

Ironically, the vast majority will not even know about the near miss. They may observe a bit of the dust, but forever be oblivious to the Sturm und Drang hidden therein. A storm that very nearly ended the world as they knew it.

They, of course, will go to their graves convinced that observers of impending doom and those who prepared for TEOTWAWKI were wacky nut jobs all along.

Score another round for blissful ignorance.

However, evil is not, was not, nor ever will be defeated by the little kittens of the world.