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because they can

I never loved it, but it took TSA to permanently remove me from the list of potential airline customers. I will not ever place myself groveling at anyone’s feet, particularly those of my intellectual and moral inferiors.

My dad and older brother raised me as an expert in bullies. I spent at least as much time in that classroom as in government schools. Important lessons include that bullies are weak, shallow and eager for any opportunity to wield artificial power over the vulnerable.

As much as possible, I avoid making myself vulnerable.

The Downsize DC TSA Campaign below is well worth supporting.

– Ted

Show Congress how much!

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Replace the TSA monopoly with competing approaches to airport security. Retweet

We’re adding more and more issues to the Our Proposals page on our website. Here’s the latest… 

Replace the TSA monopoly with competing approaches to airport security

If you agree with the following letter to Congress visit our site to send it, or better yet, put it in your own words…

The TSA is a monopoly – the only approach to airport security. It does a bad job. Consequently, most Americans hate the TSA. Competing approaches would provide greater customer satisfaction and improved security.

You should end the TSA monopoly with legislation that makes each airline responsible for its own security. Airlines that don’t protect their passengers won’t last long. And having different security approaches between airlines would make things more complicated for terrorists.


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Remember our goal for last week? Well, here’s what we achieved

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Now it’s July, and we have new goals… 

  • Attract 58 new DC Downsizers during this holiday week. 
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  • Raise $1,000 in contributions by July 14 as well.

Thanks to a generous donor and our monthly pledgers, that’s all we need to EXPAND our progress. Thanks to a generous donor and our monthly pledgers, that’s all we need to EXPAND our progress. Please consider making a contribution or starting a monthly pledge to further our work.‚Äč

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

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