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over the Bretton Woods hill

In 1944, immediately following World War II, the winning rulers met in New Hampshire to hand the world’s economy to the Feral Reserve… a cabal of international banksters who took control of the USofA dollar in 1913.

On its surface, the Bretton Woods agreement seemed innocuous enough. USofA had just proven itself to be the world’s military, manufacturing and creative powerhouse. The dollar bearing its name was convertible into gold or silver on demand. Using US dollars instead of heavy metals was quite convenient.

Patiently waiting 27 years for anyone paying attention to nod off, they left the gold/silver convertibility intact while they quietly ramped up the printing presses bit by bit to print more dollars than they had metal to back.


Then President Charles de Gaulle called their bluff by requesting conversion of French-held dollars into gold. USofA President Nixon replied, “No. We changed our mind. Instead of gold and silver we now back our paper dollars with empty promises and thin air. If you don’t like it, go pound sand.”

Try trading a paper dollar for a silver dollar today, or buying a 20-dollar gold piece with a 20-dollar Feral Reserve Note.

Mainstream media called de Gaulle a kook and trouble maker. The incident passed without much notice, but it was not just the French who lost backing for their saved-up dollars. We all did. World wide. Meanwhile, the tiny limits on the banksters’ ability to print themselves money out of thin air were removed. They began a printing and buying spree unimaginable any previous time in world history.

The unavoidable result was that each and every dollar in circulation became worth less… and less … and less … heading to worthless.

Beyond living higher than we lowly mortals can imagine, the banksters also bought the most expensive military machine on the planet to enforce their whims, play out fantasies and, of course, make themselves even richer than rich.

Every empire has an end. This one will not be the exception.

In the last few years major world players have begun moving away from dollar-denominated, dominated everything. The pace is accelerating.

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) is a growing alternative to the dollar-denominated World Bank. Initially seen as inconsequential, it is rapidly becoming very consequential.

Until last year, attempting to sell oil in anything other than Feral Reserve dollars brought the world’s meanest attack dogs into your oil-rich country to slaughter your military and rulers, replacing them with a ruthless despot who at least understood the value of a dollar. Recent petroleum transactions have taken place denominated in Chinese Yuans and Russian Rubles… without resulting in a full-scale military takeover of the country. The petro dollar is melting.

Wacky places like Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland, Russia and China are building gold reserves as alternatives to holding crumbling dollars in their national vaults.

China reduces holdings of US Treasuries

Big and little players are reducing holdings of US Treasury bonds, the big boy version of Feral Reserve Notes. Russia, for example, has reduced their holdings from $176 billion eight years ago to $47 billion today.

It is all adding up to an empire in decline. The dollar domination of the world has crested its hill and is now on a downhill slope. This trolley has no brakes; no reverse gear. There is no flattening out of this downgrade. The only possible change in decline would be for it to get steeper.

Most likely, inertia will increase speed of decline gradually until the dollar suddenly falls off a cliff. Many will say, “Unexpectedly”. That, of course, only applies to those not paying attention.

Not us, of course. We see it coming and make our plans accordingly.