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Why is Trump still alive?

I was initially disappointed when The Donald stopped filling posts with outsiders in February last year.

He caved.

They made him an offer he could not refuse.

But they did not stop attacking him with their media monopoly.
The globalists politicians and bureaucrats kept at his throat.
The really BIG MONEY kept hiring protests and uprisings.

Huh? He hired Wall Street and The Military Industrial Complex.
He went to war BIG TIME.
What the heck do they want?

Whatever it is, I am grateful that he is still alive to prevent them from getting it.

He has chosen his battles … quite possibly with wisdom.

He is not dead yet.

They are still pissed off at him.

This is good for us…

Even if we don’t know how.

I do not trust him at all. But at the same time, trust him more than any President in my life.

It is a really good show… as long as you don’t get emotionally attached to any of the players. Who knows who they really are?