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Should the FDA have power over you?

from Downsize DC

Downsize DC wants to make the FDA advisory, not dictatorial. Retweet

We’re bringing back a bunch of old Downsize DC campaigns, starting with Make the FDA Advisory, not mandatory. More will follow.

You asked for these campaigns. We’re thrilled to comply. It didn’t happen sooner because we’ve been solving some problems. And the solutions we’ve developed should lead to big progress.

It began when we extensively tested a new advertising approach in November and December. This was not just one ad but an overall approach. And it worked better than expected!

We were electrified by the expectation of an army of DC Downsizers to come!

But there was a technical problem with our letter to Congress web form. So we fixed it. Then our advertising approach flopped. But why? Troubleshooting is hard. We ran experiments. We researched alternatives. The process was time-consuming but valuable, because…

One of the things we learned was HUGE. It could help the libertarian movement do something that seemed impossible before. We’ll be telling you about that later this year. But…

We’ve settled on a new web form as much of the solution. That form needed to be less intimidating, more attractive, and work better on small screens. We’re proud of the result.

Many of you helped us test this new form last week. The response was great. We were amazed at how many more letters went through. But that wasn’t all…

We restarted our advertising. We’re not quite back to the dramatic testing results we had late last year, but the results are good enough for us to charge ahead.

  • We added 45 new subscribers last week. If you’re one of those people, Welcome!
  • Snagged a NET increase of 96 Page Likes on our Facebook page.

This week we’re aiming to triple the number of new subscribers. Please help us do that.

If someone joins because you shared one of our emails or posted something of ours on Facebook, that’s like making a $4 donation. Or…

We’re starting our advertising for the Make the FDA Advisory campaign today! Do two things…

Thank you for being an active DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-founders, Downsize DC