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USofA demands Russians release prisoners

Judging from the picture on the left, one might guess that the Scandinavian or European countries might be publicly critical about human rights abuses, incarceration rates, freedom and such. But the rulers of the world don’t see it that way.

The diplomats posturing in the press:

The US Department of State demanded that the Russian authorities immediately release all people who the international rights groups recognize as political prisoners or prisoners of conscience.

The Russian response: “Russia has repeatedly and unambiguously replied to the propaganda stunts in which the western countries called upon the release of certain people suspected or convicted of various serious crimes under our laws,” reads the embassy’s statement posted on Facebook.

The Russian diplomats added that their US colleagues who had simultaneously voiced the demands could not be unaware of the Russian position that prioritizes categorical rejection of any attempts to interfere with the country’s internal affairs.

If the USofA prison industrial complex released exactly one third (33%) of their prisoners today, the incarceration rates of Russia and the USofA would be identical.

Not to mention another category called “DETENTION”.

Nice word, that. They are not prisoners or incarcerated, mind you. So we cannot count them in those statistics. But you and I would definitely not consider them to be free.

Guess how has one third of the world’s detainees?

… Not exactly the credentials of rulers in a position to be critical of others about keeping people behind bars.

… without even touching on the two dozen people world wide who are murdered every day with Made-In-USA military munitions.

These are the world’s morality police????