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Freedomista gathering in Spokane this week

The Red Pill Expo

starts this Thursday.

Awesome speakers
Great topics
Wonderful people

I promised myself when I found this one would be nearby in Spokane, Washington that I would FERSHUR not miss it this year. I have heard good stuff about these events, the line up is stellar, and the opportunity to spend a couple days with my peers would be a highlight of the year.

Unfortunately, it coincides with national amateur radio Field Day where I promised to play certain roles in support of local alternative and emergency communications. Now I remember how I miss it every year. Rats!

BUT, you probably do not have the same conflict.

Check it out.

Give serious consideration to participating.

The Red Pill Expo


Our highly-acclaimed speakers will help you to break free from the avalanche of propaganda, fake news and outright deception, and to embrace reality for a better life.


You will hear from leading experts in health care, finance, climate science, globalization and politics… in one of the most beautiful, clear-headed areas in the nation.


Knowledge without Action is pointless. This year we also focus on giving you strategies and tools and teaching you how to push back in your own local communities!