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the not unemployed

The government and central bankster statisticians are blowing smoke … again … as usual.
No news here.

That doesn’t stop the government and central banksters from using their phony numbers to deceive, rape, pillage and plunder the middle class.

In their made-up world the unemployed are divided into two groups. Group X are those recently fired, laid off or who quit their jobs. They make up one out of five of the actual out-of-work.

The majority of the unemployed, Group W, have been unable to regain employed status for over three months.

The good news for Group W is that they are no longer unemployed. πŸ™‚ Yay for them! πŸ™‚

Of course the bad news is they have no gainful employment, no job, no earned income, and in perhaps most cases have despaired of finding anything remotely resembling a decent job in a long-running crappy job market.

Group X gets counted. Unfortunately they still don’t get work. Worse for them, they will likely transition to Group W within 3 months… and no longer count.

As you can see to the right, John Williams’ Shadow website tracks the oaf-fishal numbers as well as the real numbers like government statisticians used before they discovered their beautiful smoke and mirrors tools.

You can easily apply the sniff test to John’s numbers and the government figures. In the latter case, one out of every 25 wanting to earn a living are out of work; in the other case one out of every 5. Which one of those smell like the truth to you?

Figures don’t Lie, but Liars Figure – Mark Twain

The banksters responded to The Crash of 2008 by having their Feral Reserve print prolific quantities of money out of thin air, then pass it out to themselves to JUICE THE ECONOMY. The upper 1% of the economic strata spent their stolen money primarily on stocks, which has taken stock prices to many, many times their actual valuation. BUT it looks real good on paper, at least those papers published by the criminal co-conspirators.

They have also snapped up real estate, keeping those prices high even while home ownership sharply declined among the middle class. They become landLORDS while we become serfs and sharecroppers.

But that is okay. We get to vote for one lord versus the other lord every once in a while. The voting majority determines which face will be pictured on government office walls for the next year.