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rock vs nail gun

I have used a rock to pound a nail into place. Inconvenient and awkward to be sure, but out in the middle of a field with the nearest hammer half an hour away, rocks can pound nails. A carpenter could build an entire house using a rock instead of a nail gun, but it would be awkward, messy, dangerous and horrifically slow.

Builders KNOW they are going to pound nails. Harvey Homeowner may someday want to pound one or more nails. For Harvey, a hammer might be nice to have around the house, a nice hammer even better, but it’s a rare amateur who has his own nail gun.

THAT is exactly why gun control can only make the world a more dangerous place for people intent on peaceful living.

To those intent on violence, force and intimidation guns are their professional tools. While those intent on peaceful relationships with all, may never have a violent confrontation in their lifetime. The former will have weapons, the tools of their trade regardless of gun control laws. The latter balances potential risk from lack of self-defense against dangerous criminals against the potential risk of running afoul of potentially dangerous law enforcers.

Making defensive weapons illegal has to increase violent crime …

as well as increasing violence between peaceful people and what we used to call “peace officers”.