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misspelling plague

Why did misspelling “HUGE” become popular? It is not like the word is difficult. Nor is HUGE among the thousands of English Language words where the spelling makes no sense. It isn’t even a big, complicated word. But I see these annoying headlines and comments in many diverse spaces. It just makes me cringe. So I’ll put it in one more place. Ick.

Here’s a yuuuge wage gap Trump ought to close
Source: Investors Business Daily

I do with it the same as I do with other gross misspellings: Pronounce them as written. X mass – shoppeeee – yewdge.

The feely-huggy marshmallows leading classrooms full of mold-able clay have decided that correctly writing the language of this country is too much to ask of their delicate little charges.

So they pop them out the other side of the impressionable-years processing plant with no spelling, language, math, or actual history skills.

What, pray tell, did we send generations of kids there for? They are quite capable of inventing their own language, spelling and mythologies without being herded from room to room for 12 years.