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Three towers of The World Trade Center fell on 9/11/01, but many adamantly do not believe they were from controlled demolition.
“Nobody would do that!”
Yet it is irrefutable that three towers were destroyed,
and that it was a man made event.
(one repository of solid evidence)

Interestingly, for some it is easier to believe that a handful of Arabs did it with hijacked airliners… and also coincidentally hit the Pentagon accounting offices who had just begun investigating the 2.3 TRILLION dollars that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced as “MISSING” the day before.

Sure, Lee Harvey Oswald’s amazing feat with a magical bullet is hard to believe, but “nobody” could put together a multiple shooter, body switching, cover up like the conspiracy theory lays out.

The phrase “conspiracy theory”, by the way, was coined by the CIA to attack those doubting the official Warren Report cover up. It has served them ever since.

For many of us, believing the opposite of CIA claims gets at the truth far more often than believing them straight up.