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science in the sky comes to earth

I share two excellent, solid videos with you.

The first one is only 8 minutes long. It crushes the “If chemtrails were real, someone would have told us about it. Someone would have spoken up.” arguments.

At GREAT PERSONAL RISK, these people are speaking up.

They are, and have been in positions to know. They also point out that you are in a position to observe plenty of evidence. Start by watching this short video.

I downloaded/uploaded it to/from my Vimeo channel to insure it would resist potential censorship. Many videos of this strength and direction have a habit of disappearing when I check my links later.

Chemtrail overview: powerful assemblage of clips from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

This second video is much longer, and far more thorough. The source of this production is “Anonymous”. Obviously that is not a single individual. It is also a disassociated team that has proven impossible to crush. Events, actions and products attributed to Anonymous continue to nip at, and expose bad actors who are working for some benefit besides the whole of Earth, nature and mankind.

I am sharing this one directly from the YouTube account of the producers. I saved a copy to put up in case I discover this link has broken.

Here are scientist debunking the “consensus of scientists”. Here are former participants in the programs now expressing their disgust with what they helped do. It includes negative consequences they suffered when they shared knowledge of their complicity.

Evidence in this video of cause and effects are thorough and impressive, though not particularly good for us or Earth.

There is good news, or at least hope in this movie too.

Our hope begins with sharing the awareness.

I should say it really begins when YOU become aware.

Start here.

I did some research on taking time-lapse photographs with my camera. My objective would be to capture the obvious visible effects of chemtrail spraying in my area. I have taken some excellent still photos I posted here, here, here, here, and here. But time-lapse is so much more dramatic and irrefutable.

It is eminently do-able with my camera, but I realized there already are plenty of great videos with perfectly executed time-lapse views of chemtrails criss-crossing and blanketing skies all over the world.

More examples are not what we need. More minds open to seeing what is happening to their skies, their air and their world will not happen from my camera, but from those of us who do see talking to others about it.

A HUGE resource is available at If anyone is wanting or needing documentation, lab test results and other proofs, go there; send them there.

The best proof is for you, for your acquaintances and theirs to LOOK UP. It is happening several times a week right over your head, and mine, and everyone else’s.

That it would be insanity is not proof that it is not happening.