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Good Guys With Guns

Matrix Productions

is working on a film to answer the current assault on self defense tools.

They have produced a number of great films covering various socio-political topics. Each and every one is worth owning. I do, and recommend you do too.

Here is a status report they send to supporters, no matter how trivial our roles. Check the links. Check the progress. Consider helping, if by no other means than buying videos from them.

Progress Report
28 April 2018
Dear GOOD GUY Associate,
This past week has been a rollercoaster ride with the script, the main title, the log line and the trailer script.
As some of you know we have re-written the script for close to the thirtieth time – not something that’s unusual in the movie business.  We have to get the theme and focus of this movie exactly right, and I now feel we have it.


We also interviewed G. EDWARD GRIFFIN yesterday and crew members, Ken Gullekson and Paul Gibbons, say it went well.  At this writing I do not have the footage as it’s being send from LA, but clips will appear in the new trailer that’s now in production.
So if you want to see the most major progress, here are the elements:
Narration Script:
Narration Script w/ Questions:
Trailer-3 Script:
Lastly, here is what we have settled on for the title and the new synopsis.

How an Armed Citizenry Deters
Tyranny and Atrocities
Why are we seeing mass shootings in our schools, churches and public places? Why are psychopaths driving trucks in to citizens along public walkways? Why do our experts – sociologists, criminologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and even the clergy — have no answers as to what’s causing a rash of mass killings?
It’s almost as if the powers-that-be WANT mass killings to occur. After all, were there no threats, no terrorism, no mass killings — what role would the state have to play? Isn’t the primary purpose of government to PROTECT its citizens? If so, how come governments have killed over 174 million of their own citizens in just the past century alone?
If this is what has happened under the charge of National governments, what kind of damage could a World Government do?
GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS asks the question: Are Globalists using mass killings to forward their agenda? By perpetrating mass killings, or failing to stop them are Globalists — hell-bent on World Government — trying to “justify” some sort of global police state?
The U.S. Founders saw this coming. That’s why they gave WE THE PEOPLE the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment, through the individual right to keep and bear arms AND the State Militia System, provides the elements necessary for a free state – not some police state envisioned by the Globalists.
GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS explains how and why “good guys with guns” are the only way mass shootings in schools, churches concerts and other public spaces can be stopped.
GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS explains how and why the gun-control lobby, supported by the Mainstream Media, is facilitating the Globalist Agenda, an agenda of planetary disarmament.
As Wayne LaPierre of the NRA says, “only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.” Maybe WE THE PEOPLE should stop listening to a “gun-control lobby” and Mainstream Media that makes no sense. Maybe it makes sense for more “good guys with guns” and less “gun-free zones” to solve the problem of terrorism and mass killings.

Thank you for reading the new Script.  If you like the progress, we could sure use some donations as the production Budget is again down to almost zero. 
We need money to pay the camera crew for Ed Griffin’s interview, to hire a new VO artist who will do Trailer 3 and we need to hire an artist to create the new 1-sheet for the Website.  You can see exactly where your donations go by reviewing the Budget.
So please donate what you can, even if it’s $50, $100 or $250. 
We are offering screen credits to acknowledge donations and all details are at the donation URL which is  Lastly, many of you from the OATH KEEPERS Membership and the MATRIX ENTERTAINMENT donor network have contributed and you are all greatly appreciated.  You will be acknowledged in the credits of the new trailer and the completed documentary. 
Unfortunately, it is taking us longer than need be to produce this film because 70% of the time is going to raising money.  Translated, this means we still have no major donors who have come into the project with $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000.  These donations will garner an exclusive Associate Producer, Executive Producer or Producer screencredit, respectively, on the MAIN TITLES of the movie. 
The universe has blessed us all with different gifts, gifts that we are “supposed to use to serve one another as stewards of God’s varied grace.”  Therefore, I know, to some people, $50 is as difficult to come by as $5,000 to others and a donation of $50 can be as “kingly of a gift” from one as a donation of $5,000 can be from another. 
Every one of our past 8 documentaries — all on the Internet as free public services — has been graced with 3 or 4 major donors, so I am hoping and praying this will happen for this important film as well.
We just have to shed light on these mass shootings and other atrocities that are happening across this nation. And what about the rest of the world?  Look how many people in other nations are suffering from the horrors of disarmament and gun-control.        
Your care, donations and input to this motion picture will make a difference.  Over the years, with or without the Mainstream Media, millions of suffering people all over the U.S. and rest of the world will screen this film.  They will then ask if GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS might be able to deter tyranny and atrocities for them.  YOU who have stepped forward to help out with this production will then be able to say, “Yes, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS will be able to help deter tyranny and atrocities for you, and for all of humankind.
P.S.  Please forward this email to your family, friends and associates and ask them to donate here.  If each person receiving this email were to forward it to just 6 other people, the exponential expansion of this message would exceed that of FOX NEWS and CNN.  Consider that.

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