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A beautiful humanity

As a youngster, I observed that my Dad loved the Lil’ Abner comic strip.

Dad was a smart man.

Among the characters in this comic was Joe Btfsplk, with his unpronounceable name and doomed life where disaster surrounded his every moment.

I am sometimes reminded of Joe when I find a black cloud inside a silver lining.

All that came to mind when I watched this video clip.

street orchestra from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

Please take a couple minutes to watch the video.

Any normal, well-balanced person would enjoy this unquestionably beautiful clip.

It is warm and uplifting.

They would simply stop there. Enjoy it. Appreciate it.

Unfortunately, in the here-and-now, with the current situation in world affairs, with the globalists wanting to change the world for the worst, I cannot fully relax and delight in the beauty these musical artists bring to an everyday street.

My painfully politically aware mind visualizes Made-In-USA bombs blowing all of these happy people into dead blood and guts; their gorgeous musical instruments into rubble; the audience into dead bodies.

I published this yesterday sick of the mass killing export from The Pentagon, The White House, The CIA and the rest of that organize criminal cabal. It so disgusts me that I have a hard time not seeing their bloody handprints everywhere… well, cuz they are everywhere.

I really do appreciate the beauty of flash mob musicians coming together and the joy of the community who become their audience.

Sadly, every pile of smoking ruins created by “our” military industrial complex represents the crushing of beautiful worlds by sociopaths and psychopaths who have yet to be stopped, and who occupy the upper economic strata in the USofA.

In my dream world, the psychopaths have no power, no authority.

Bullies are stomped.

Game over.