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principled men

Along my path from mainstream to fringe, I have broken bread and rub shoulders with a number of seriously principled men. I truly admire them, without feeling guilty that I do not want to emulate them.

The fortunate among us choose our battles. The tidbit below is of a man who takes resisting the omnipotent state seriously.

Were a significant number of us, say 3-percent to adopt his principled resistance, the edifice would crumble.

I recommend the author, the subject and the website. All are good and well worth your attention.

Scene Of The Crime

The ernie Chronicles: Fishing Without A License


Redoubt News is carrying the first in a series documenting the life and times of
ernie-wayne: ter Telgte

A Pro Se Defense Goes South On ernie, March 22 2018

Elias Alias here with a new article to share with TMM.

Since November of 2013 I have filmed many video segments on a Montana man who is quite controversial. With his last venture onto a court’s field of battle, ernie-wayne: ter Telgte managed to get himself arrested while exercising his own pro se defense. It was not surprising — ernie has been in courts and jails more than a dozen times in the past five years.

But there is much more to “ernie” than just his ongoing battle with courts in Montana. I’m seeing him as a sign of our times. I can see myriad interconnections between what we as individuals are facing, and what we as citizens of our States are now facing. Indeed, even our States are having problems facing Federal incursion from and by the very government we in our States created and which we to this day sustain.

So I am writing a series which will document various aspects of ernie’s trials and crusades. These will be tied into current events and current challenges facing mankind.  Redoubt News is carrying this series. First installment is here —

I hope you enjoy.

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