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What Gen Z Can Learn from The Millennials

The division of our culture by age has been one of the most successful divide and conquer strategies of the new world order. They are schemers with an unbroken success rate on the long-term stage they choose for their play.

While it took them a century to break up the nuclear family and the ability for youth to learn from older people who earned their respect, or even who served as bad examples, the globalists did indeed pull it off.

From the Captain Capitalism blog comes a nice recommendation for the upcoming generation. Under the linked headline, I republish one section out of many that were SPOT ON.

I encourage you to click the link and go read the article. It is definitely worth the trip.

What Gen Z Can Learn from The Millennials


You are Not Independent Minded or Unique.  You are a Conformist.

Though nearly every generation since Gen X is guilty of this…

No you are not independent minded.

And, no, you are not unique.

What I need you to do is step back, wipe your eyes clean, look at your generation (and every generation of high school students before you) and ask “Do I agree with the majority of my high school, middle school, and college peers?”

If you do, then you are not independent minded and you are not unique.  You are a conformist.  You do not think.  You have been programmed by your teachers.  You have not put forth any intellectual effort into thinking on your own, forming your own thoughts and ideas, and are merely a sheep among the flock regurgitating the same talking points you’ve been conditioned to.

This is not your fault.  You have been purposely conditioned and brainwashed in kindergarten through college to think a certain way about everything ranging from politics, race, environmentalism, economics and careers.  But when I was in college a girl who:

was majoring in Child Psychology
voted democrat
was a feminist
who believed in the ozone hole (that was the predecessor to “global warming”)
and wanted to “just help the children”

was soooo common they were a dime a dozen.  They were worthless.  They were not unique nor had the ability to be intellectually stimulating. 

This doesn’t mean you all have to vote republican and wear blazers while sipping cognac, but what you want to avoid is the insanely hypocritical phenomenon where Millennials all claimed they were “independent minded” while they all dressed up in pink salmon jeans, grew out their beards, voted Bernie Sanders, drank craft beers, and could not be more bland, common, conformist or BORING human being if they tried.

Don’t say you’re “different.”  BE DIFFERENT.