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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Alfred E. Neuman

Those who see chemtrails, Potomac Swamp corruption, organized evil, criminal international bombings, central bank theft, pharmaceutical poisoning, looming WWIII, false flag EMP, and other assaults you read about here are accused of being constantly negative, unhappy.

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Why should the ignorant have all the fun? I grew up in a world where the phrase “Fat, Dumb and Happy” was okay to say, we all knew what it meant, and understood there were times to choose one attitude over the other.

I ‘run in those circles’, among aware friends, and find we as a class are more at peace than those we consider oblivious.

While they wonder what happened, pray or plead for politicians and deities to fix things, we grok who set this mess up, why they did, their objectives AND, most importantly, that their game is dicey in spite of the power they wield. They are just as likely to lose in our lifetimes as win.

And here we are for the show, prepared to frustrate their plans by surviving, intending even to thrive.

We make contingency plans, prepare for potential disruptions and live every day as if it were a gift… which is quite different from living as if tomorrow was a given.

While the others watch media monopoly presented disasters befall people who are not us, being grateful they were not personally struck down, we skip the show altogether, keeping up our awareness of who the people behind the curtain are, what they are up to, and some of the possible disruptions we have to be ready for.

It is pretty hard to imagine having more fun than being productive, independent, creating things ourselves, and frustrating bullies.