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war options in Syria

I am going to turn you over to The Saker who provides a GREAT analysis of where the war against Syria stands, and what options the opposing sides are facing.

First, however, I want to lay some groundwork that I think is assumed in the article and video.

Most significantly is Turkey’s role as the hosting country to NATO forces in the region.

Without the well-known bases shown on this map of Turkey, USofA military presence in the region would be hugely reduced, perhaps completely marginalized.

It is quite apparent why Turkey was drug into the North ATLANTIC Treaty Organization: projection of power into North Africa, Eastern Med, the Black Sea, not to mention a great hopping point to Asia.

NATO does not want to lose all of that – which is of major significance to the current war in Syria as The Saker is about to explain.

But one more little tidbit: The New World Order gang has been overtly, militarily trying to take over Syria for five years now. I have been documenting it here

While they are not about to give up, they have lost every major campaign in the last five years, and apparently are losing the current one. That is, if the strategies described below by The Saker are employed.

He is, by the way, in a strong position to understand the situation. I encourage you to rummage around his website. He is not the only one who can see the tactical requirements and optimum strategies.

I suspect that continuing to watch the show there we will see it evolve much like he outlines.

I present it to you in two formats. The video for those who want to watch, and a link to the written word for those who prefer to read. The information is essentially the same.

Escalation In Syria – How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed?

The video below is embedded in the article linked above, along with the text. I downloaded, uploaded and share the copy below in case the link to the original breaks down.

Rather obviously, there are powerful people who would like the link to break down, and the video to become unavailable. I do my fair share to frustrate them.

Yeah I’m tiny, but if mosquito bite is all I can do, I do what I can.

Escalation_In_Syria from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.