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Parkland shooting is full of crap

There is an incredible volume of absolute garbage pouring out of the trolls and puddin-heads about this show in Florida.

It is all gamey and suspect. Believe if you wish. For me, it stinks to high heaven.

If you have yet to figure out that Google was co-opted by CIA and is now as useless as tits on a boar, move on. This is not the place for you.

My point here being that the super-conservative, uber-insider, reliable source Paul Craig Roberts is out-ing Google for taking down honest reporting from its YouTube subsidiary.

What we will not likely ever know is WHAT HAPPENED.

Rest assured, however, that the oaf-fishal story is NOT WHAT HAPPENED.


Paul Craig Roberts

Why is Google/YouTube taking down these videos and threatening the sites that post them?

Why is Google/YouTube taking down these videos and threatening the sites that post them?

Paul Craig Roberts

Scroll down this URL to the last video of the blond female student at Parkland, Alexa Miednik. She says she walked out of the building with the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, while shots were still occurring in other parts of the building.

This Parkland teacher, Stacy Lippel, describes the shooter as police in full armor. Notice that Lippel also says the shooting was occuring after the fire alarm went off. Isn’t the official story that Cruz pulled the fire alarm after his rampage was over so that he could escape by walking out with the other students?

How did Cruz get rid of his full armor in time to walk out of the building with Alexa Miednik?

Why is David Hogg, the suspected crisis actor, the witness of choice of the presstitutes and not Alexa Miednik and Stacy Lippel? Hogg can’t seem to remember his lines:

Who do we believe, the eyewitness students and teachers, or the authorities and presstitutes, who never tell the truth.

When we are faced with these heavy contradictions, why is it conspiracy theory and/or insensitivity and harassment to raise questions?

I do not know what happened, but I am again witnessing the shutdown of honest inquiry.

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