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Department of Disinformation comes out of the closet

This has been going on for decades; a gradually growing cancer poisoning the Internet as their wholly-owned propaganda ministries of lamestream media lose the audience they once upon a time earned.

Full-time TROLLS sit at their terminals making up stories to misinform, question reality, bunk the debunkers and otherwise confuse those seeking truth where it is available.

Visualize that old supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer with a staff of 400 writers working 40 hours a week, taking home $100,000 per year to trash the truth.

That is your STATE Department.

More accurately, an additional 400 writers of ludicrous fiction now join the hundreds they already had, and those the CIA has been employing for decades.

The volunteer army of truth tellers and real investigative reporters still outnumber, outsmart and out-talent them. THE STATE cannot afford enough liars to drown the truth and they sure as heck cannot draw intelligent people into a job like that.

But we have to pay attention.

Keep your BS nose on alert.

Ron Paul Liberty Report

The Pentagon announced last week that it was sending $40 million to the State Department’s “Global Engagement Center” to “counter foreign disinformation.”

Much of the money will go to creating US disinformation, to meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, and to more jobs at neocon NGOs pushing pro-war propaganda.

It’s a massive rip-off and worse — we are the targets.

The video above is the main story.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report