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rough week in the media world


I am having a hard time watching the show this week.

I don’t expect it to get better anytime soon.

While there is ample evidence bringing the oaf-fishal Florida-school-shooting story into question, lamestream media is hammering it out at deafening volume.

That is 100% predictable – completely expected – unsurprising, and in no way disappointing. Investigative journalism died with the consolidation of 128 independent media outlets into 6 Bilderberg-controlled media conglomerates.

What IS disgusting me is the overwhelming acceptance of the poorly-assembled oaf-fishal story in social media.

Ya’all get a half-point for resisting the anti-self-defense arguments.

It is nice to see you folks bringing in Samuel Colt’s Great Equalizer arguments while the puddin-heads call for civil war of the well-armed versus the adamantly disarmed (aka: gun bans).

How do ya suppose that one will end in the best armed nation of the world?

The abhorrent part is two sides arguing disarmament versus armament as the answer to a fluke shooting that may or may not have happened.

Even if it did happen as the script depicts, shooting deaths do not even land in the top 20 causes of death.

The controlled masses do not care about THAT. Whatever their masters tell them is important, IS IMPORTANT.

There was a widely-publicized drill taking place that day at that school.

Yet the media, both monopoly and social, are roasting the police for not responding to the staged event with brio, lethal response, guns-a-blazing.

Crap. It is all crap.

The wrong questions are being asked.

The wrong discussions are dominating.

The Hollywood production is unquestioned. What purportedly happened is NOT part of the discussion. All conversation moves from the ASS-upmption that the shooting took place as described.

I cannot participate in the discussion.

Perhaps that is a WIN for the globalist-police-state.

They put rational discussion into the sidelines from the get-go.

I’ll be pondering that potential new tactic.