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helpful hints for Howard

We met in 2003. Howard Wooldridge was riding his one-eyed-horse Misty from coast to coast publicizing the young organization Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). We hosted the pair as they passed through Nampa, Idaho … and a couple other times he came, once with brother Frosty.

Howard continues championing the war against cannabis prohibition. He has been a resident of the DC swamp for years now, working to educate the ineducable.

While he and I agree completely on his objective, we understand the problem quite differently. For 16 years he has worked continuously explaining to the ruling elite what a disaster The War On Drugs is.

Know your enemy, Howard.

The people who produced Reefer Madness (original 1936 trailer to the right) are not ignorant. They are evil. There is profit and power for them in the drug war.

That the judges, lawyers, law enforcement and others of LEAP have been unable to educate the politicians with 16 years of trying ought to tell you all of that.

While your organization includes a broad spectrum of people with great, professional expertise all railing against cannabis user prosecution, your power-broker political neighbors continue to pretend they don’t get your message.

They are hiding behind the cover of reefer madness.

They feign ignorance while taking massive bribes from the prison industrial complex, big pharma, illicit drug distributors, and those who love the power to squash the peasants with jackboots any time they want.

If you take the time and thought to know your enemy, you will realize that working to educate them is not the way to win this war.

Remove their cover.

Expose them. Expose the connection between The War On Drugs and the profit that prohibition delivers to the rulers, organized crime (both private and government sector), and others who are hiding behind feigned belief in the reefer madness meme.

Expose their hypocritical illicit drug use. Expose their regular use of GET OUT OF JAIL FREE cards for themselves, family and friends.

Expose the criminality of Asset Forfeiture where planted contraband, or simple accusations thereof, are used to murder, destroy people’s lives, and steal their property.

Your DC swamp creature chums are not going to change through education. They know your truth. They will pat you on the head and string you along for as long as you let them.

Once you get all that, I will introduce you to their war on self-defense, their false flags and hoaxes to create an easily controlled population of serfs.