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Parkland transitions from false flag to hoax

It now appears that what started as a published, planned drill became a full-blown hoax, masquerading as a false flag for some, a new Valentine’s Day Massacre for others.

Some points convincing me it is a hoax:
1) Both of the eye-witness students I saw in the first showings were strangely devoid of the emotions one would expect of 14-year-olds whose classmates were shot, and died.
2) The Army moving bodies to a dusty room and covering them with rugs. Oddest crime scene behavior since Rudy dumped the World Trade Centers into the ocean without allowing investigation.
3) Recognizable Army men on site, and herding kids towards exits where shooters were coming up the stairs. Then not shooting back???? Oops. I forgot the Army doesn’t carry guns.
4) No dead bodies. No bloody bodies. Nothing being loaded into ambulances. Broadcast media drinks this stuff up. They would not pass an opportunity to show dead, dying and seriously wounded.
5) The story has many illogical parts – actions by the actors that simply don’t make sense in the real world… like a poorly written script acted out by amateurs.

More will be popping up as the real investigative reporters dig it. I am sharing what I now have, which is quite a bit.

Lamestream Media and the politicians will be milking this one for years. Some of them helped with the production and want a return on that investment. Others embrace anything that helps sell their ruling elite agenda. The rest are simply dumber than a box of rocks.

Believe none of them. Do your own research. Keep your smeller going. If the story smells funny, it probably is.


Natural NewsIt’s all THEATER: Florida high school shooting survivor caught on video rehearsing scripted lines, coached by camera man


Well, isn’t it interesting that there are no birth records for any of the alleged victims of this Hollywood creation? And why were their names redacted from the records? WHERE ARE THE DEAD BODIES????

Florida shooting – No birth records for any of the victims – from Ted on Vimeo.

Please see the link below for full details of all the lies. There are things that cannot be said here on youtube or this account could be jeapordized.


I am feeling right now like they expect half the populace to believe their story, they also figure they can run with it on the captive media and in the DC Swamp … which is pretty-much their entire objective.

They want the story to be thin, to be easily challenged and have us in “the fringe elements” screaming about how ridiculous the official tale is. It serves them well to split us between those who think False Flag and those who think Hoax.

I refuse to be drawn into that argument. What we know is there was no wacked-out lone teenaged gunman pulling this event off.

Those making that claim are suspect.

To the right is the media darling eye-witless of the event. He is being played, replayed, over-played on the big networks as well as social media.

This is not his first crisis acting role; probably not be his last. He has been and will be continuing his study of honesty in the Bill Clinton University of Integrity & Incredibility.


Here is one as phony as “an honest politician”:

The Florida Department of Children and Families has released the mental health records of the Parkland shooter.

“The report was made available by DCF following a judge’s ruling, and was first reported by NBC Miami. The records are packed with disturbing details about the alleged shooter’s past dealings with law enforcement and health services, including incidences of cutting, threats on social media and discussions about buying weapons.”

The person who is not the shooter in shootings that probably didn’t happen has his medical records made public so the easily led can join together chanting “We must have government certify the mental health of anyone who has guns.”

Such a simple, common-sense request. Who could be against that?

Oh, you don’t trust your government. Ah, sure signs of a diseased mind. No self defense, family defense, community defense tools for you.


Florida School Shooting Hoax: David Hogg, poor crisis actor, shooting holes in his own testimony from on Vimeo.

FBI Dad, CNN Mom, how can this future news anchor or federal spokesman lose? At 14 he flubs his script repeatedly, but he will pick up experience fast. His parents will make sure of that.

Here is your star of the Parkland School Shooting.

I copied and republished the video in case it is disappeared from the Internet source where I found it (Google’s YouTube).

I close with a link to this excellent article. No clips, just the leadoff paragraph as a link to the article.

SOME MAY CALL last week’s fake massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida just atrocity propaganda aimed at dispossessing Americans of their guns. But I call it community theater and a needed platform for drama talent.