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Florida school shooting

The school shooting has multiple agendas, but disarming the populace to make them defenseless against tyrannical government is the main goal. It is time to trot out our antidotes: history, logic and truth.

Many of the investigative reporters and publications focus on the accused shooter, his mental instability, psychotropic drugs, that the FBI and local police knew him well as a powder keg awaiting ignition and so forth.

I am convinced they are seeing what they are supposed to see, rather than what really happened. I am going to get to that with the video clip down a ways. First I have a couple other, more mainstream points to make.

The clip linked to below is often billed as “The best gun ban video ever”. It is an artfully done speech before the joint session of congress by the shadow president. If you have not yet, you really ought to see this one.

“18 School Shootings This Year” is a frequently quoted claim by the usual suspects. This is an incredible stretch of the truth that no rational person would accept or repeat… unless it suited an agenda and they were immoral.

There was a published, planned, organized drill going on, public safety officers were told that blanks would be fired, witnesses report three shooters, and more holes in the official story exposed in this video. It is 7:55 long, but the part after 6:45 is unrelated.

Many of us have tracked the consistency where the patsy going down for the mass shooting has his brain fried with powerful prescribed psychotropic drugs. Their published side effects include violence, but also complete disorientation.

If you were going to stage an event where you wanted to blame someone besides the team that executed it, surely you would include in your planning and preparation having the right patsy lined up.

While a huge percentage of the audience catches the drug component, they move to “psychotropics and guns don’t mix” or even mental health should be certified before owning guns. They miss the more sinister aspect of the drug coincidence.

(Natural News)
Nearly every mass shooting over the last 20 years has one thing in common… and it’s not GUNS.

It’s actually psychiatric medications.

And now, to no one’s surprise, we are learning that Nikolas Cruz, the shooter who killed 17 students and staff at a Florida high school, was reportedly taking mental health medications, reports the Miami Herald.

PSYCH DRUG SHOOTERS: Florida school shooter “was on medication,” reports Miami Herald, just like nearly all other mass shooters

More on the adolescent. lone gunman blamed for this carnage in the article linked below. But I encourage you to read it with one foot planted in the perspective of him providing good cover for the real shooters.

gun control, schools and campuses
Parkland, FL HS School Shooting

Another article at the same website includes this paragraph with numerous links. Again I encourage you to consider this strung out young man as a patsy rather than the lone shooter in what was actually a three-shooter event.

So much of that could have gone differently. The school knew that Bucket of Chum was a threat. He had been expelled for making death threats. He had posted a comment on a youtube web site he wanted to be a professional school shooter. That was last fall. The poster of the video immediately notified the FIB who talked to him the next morning for 15-20 minutes, and nothing came of it. Guess the FIB was busy with other things. The school sent a e-mail telling staff not to let him on campus with a backpack. Was he on medication? Was he on the same Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drugs used for depression that the Columbine killers were on?

You know what else this lunatic had in common with other school murders? Using the fire alarm.

Returning to my primary premise that this is a deliberate, planned, well-orchestrated FALSE FLAG event, I point out the timing and inevitable headline it attracted.


That is a famous phrase from gang violence during the first prohibition, easily set into most minds. Coincidence, perhaps. Proof, definitely not. But it does fit their pattern.

Here is CNN broadcast. Fascinating in that the reporter interviewed a girl who was walking with the patsy when shots were fired obviously by a shooter other than Nicolas. She did not mention that he was carrying an AR-15, which would have also been obvious. CNN reports that, then slips right back into the tale that he was the lone shooter.

This link takes you to a video with more clips and some analysis of the three shooter, multiple shooter and “The Army” directing students during the shooting spree.
The Army was there??? !!!!

EYEWITNESS: At Least 3 Shooters at Florida High School Massacre, Army on Site During Shooting (video)

I am going to close this article with links to my prior essays on false flags and staged events.

The highly publicized, often used Sandy Hook school shooting was a drill in a decommissioned, unused school that was torn down shortly thereafter with no bullet-hole pictures ever published. Nobody was shot. The FBI reported no deaths by gunshot in that county that year – not one.

The Aurora theater patsy let the real shooter in during the movie from a side door. The drugged up kid accidentally? shot the real shooter who left a trail of blood, discarded gas mask and security camera clips as he went down the alley unmolested to the getaway car in the next block.

Please do your best to get in your head what really happened in this Florida school. They will bring this event up repeatedly over the next several years. KNOW in your heart and mind that the speakers thereof are either lying or ignorant. In either case, safe to ignore and distrust.

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I document a number of proven, definitive FALSE FLAG events – those events where death and destruction were planned, orchestrated, executed and reported on blaming someone other than the group who pulled it off.

A sub category under that are the HOAXES. Those events where nobody died, but the media and politicians played like there were multiple deaths.

In both sets, I provide ample documentation and publish here for reference.

Let us not forget what happened, what their agenda is and who is selling it.