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school shooting

It is a couple days too early in the news cycle for me to comment much, or link to any serious reporting on the recent school shootings.

They are obviously first and foremost an opportunity for those who would have us defenseless to make their anti-personally-owned gun law pitches. I can think of no more dangerous society to live in than one where the ruling elite and their palace guard have a monopoly in arms.

What will not happen is a set of laws that creates such a situation. The closest they can hope to get will be a very uncivil civil war between the rulers, their armed subordinates and the people who will die fighting rather than on their knees.

So far the rulers have determined they would lose. Thus we avoid the most destructive internal conflict any country has ever experienced.

Nevertheless, they keep on trying.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. They are in that precarious state between the two where they do not yet have absolute power, but are indeed absolutely corrupted.

If I were forced to bet one way or the other, my money would go to staged performance or false flag against the school shootings being what lamestream media portrays.

The truth will be found on the Internet, alongside many falsehoods. The media mogul monopoly consistently delivers the latter with precious little of the former. No point in looking there.

Give me a couple days. I will find some credible reporting and share with you.