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The dang word is ubiquitous. I cannot seem to escape it. Even people who rail against The Deep State use this word as if it is some talisman against exactly what it created.

That was a deliberate word-smithing change. Dang crafty of them, but we certainly should be smarter than to accept that little shill-sally.

In a REPUBLIC, the rule of law protects the minority.

In a democracy, the majority buys a bill of goods from the ruling elite, then accepts their subservience feeling they had a say in who would rule over them.

The minority who understand this, who understand political philosophy, who understand history, who understand bullies, rulers, psychopaths and sociopaths can just go pound sand … or pound their heads against the wall as the ignorant outvote them.


Yeah, I know.

The uneducateable are going to believe the snakes, and outvote us until the whole dang thing breaks down.

The bad news is I think this day is not too far out.

The good news is we get a ring-side seat for the show.