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What is an EMP? Why should you care?

Your have read about it here; heard about it in many places. Perhaps you are one of the rare birds who have done a few things in case one comes along.

Elias Alias, at his Mental Militia website put together a primer on the subject, along with many of its permutations… Ya’know, how it would completely change your life, and that of everyone on Earth.

Of course it won’t happen…
Unless it does.

The probability is low (or is it?).
The severity is high (extreme, actually).

In business and personal life, any possible event with high severity merits attention.

I will let Judge Jeanine Pirro tell you a bit more in this 3-minute news clip:

The full course of study, including many video clips and numerous links is here:

Elias’ article is thorough, extensive and includes quite a few embedded videos. I suggest you may want to read a little bit of it, watch a couple clips, then bookmark it to come back time after time until you have digested the entirety in tasty, bite-sized pieces.

I, too, have written, researched and posted quite a bit on the subject. Searching this website (you may have noticed I keep a search box at the top) for “EMP” delivers a large number of articles:

I strongly recommend you know something about the topic. If you have not made significant preparations for the possibility, you do not yet know enough. Keep learning.