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Democrats respond

The Memo, was talked about for a couple weeks before finally being presented to the public. Many of us thought that was stupid.

It gave the guilty parties, actually that might be more accurately phrased in the singular “guilty party”, ample time to line up their denial stories and defense tactics.

Notably, a rather obvious part of their damage control was calling it “The Nunes Memo” rather than “The House Intelligence Committee Report”. Though it was crafted by numerous authors, researched by multiple investigators and thoroughly worked over by the entire group, spin doctors started immediately working to make it seem one man’s agenda rather than the scathing truth bomb it is.

The Memo comes out, widely attacked by the criminals exposed therein, and universally ignored by their co-conspiratorial lamestream media presstitutes.

Now The House Intelligence Committee with a Republican majority has UNANIMOUSLY approved release of a Democratic-Party-written point-by-point rebuttal to The Memo. It will likely be out within a few days.

The most shocking exposé to rock the dominant political machine in over a century has been so badly handled as to let high level criminals thus far evade legitimate court-of-law life and death sentences. The perpetrators not only continue to walk free, but enjoy large audiences and are still traipsing around the halls of power.

Ah, but I am beginning to see the tactical advantages of the strategy. IF one is more concerned with winning elections and reducing power of the criminal organization that is/was the Democratic Party political machine, rather than executing a sacrificial handful, playing out more hanging rope for them to wrap themselves in may well be the better plan.

The November election was rigged from early in the Democrat Party primary election process to … well, to way after President Trump’s inauguration. The George Soros owned Diebold vote counting machines and other mechanisms threw hundreds of thousands of votes into The Chosen One’s ballot tally. The media was by outside counts pro-Hitlary 19-to-1 in slant, coverage and influence.

Yet the great middle rose up in rebellion and elected Anyone But Clinton.

That result may be inspiring the strategy now being employed against The Deep State criminals permeating The Potomac Swamp.

In spite of being one of the ugliest people on the planet, and you know I am talking The Person, not the exterior, Clinton had a huge following blinded by some fairy tale image they held. Those people are, and will always be impervious to truth, criminality and unadulterated evil. They would vote for proven pathological liars despite contrary evidence in any quantity.

Those can safely be ignored. Nobody will take that support away, no-how, no-way.

But The Great Middle surprised us all.

Heck, here is a powerful force that just might turn the the Deep State juggernaut away from its race to total police state, unlimited-power rulers, world war, and singular global government.

If the Democrats continue to defend proven criminals, continue to hold them up as ideal candidates, continue to run their political machine to present them as their candidates, the great middle may be joining the Republican voters, who also would vote for a yellow dog rather than change parties, to elect anybody but the Democratic candidates.

It could well be that the Republicans allowing the Democrat minority report through is one step smarter than those who are defending the undefendable.

An interesting side note: Remember that Martha Stewart went to prison for the made-up crime of “Lying to the FBI”. Apparently they hate competition. Lying is their right … and, apparently okay for their friends.

Just remember your place.