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The Bitterroot Blues Band is a Spring 2018 Darby Adult Education class. This one is open to 16-18-year-old musicians at no cost, as long as they fit in with the rest of the musicians.

I encourage young, old and in-between to join us, or at least come by to see if you might want to.

We meet in the Darby High School music room on Saturday evenings.
I open the doors at 4:30.
Downbeat is at 5:00.
Class ends officially at 6:00.
We usually stay a bit late.
We are scheduled every Saturday to June 30th.

Class fees are $48 regular, $24 for 60-and-above, free for students under 18.

Download the tunes I have digitized below.

down_by_the_riverside_G_bass clef

down_by_the_riverside_G_ guitar notes + tab

down_by_the_riverside_G_ guit_tab

down_by_the_riverside_G_ tbne+piano

down_by_the_riverside_G_ treble-clef guitar

Fly Me to the Moon_C_ bass clef

Fly Me to the Moon_C_ keyboard, vocal, chords, TAB

i_aint_got_nobody_G_keyboard, bass clef

i_aint_got_nobody_G_treble, tab, vocal

Just Squeeze Me_F_ bass clef

Just Squeeze Me_F_keyboard, vocal, chord, TAB

stjamesinfirmary_D_bass clef, keyboard_d3


Summertime_C_ bass clef

Summertime_C_ piano, chords

When The Saints_C_ bass clef

When The Saints_C_ piano, chords, treble chords