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While we sit ring-side to the greatest political battle in centuries, the majority does not see anything. It is like an Australian Pigmy suddenly plopped into a prize Superbowl stadium seat. People moving back and forth randomly while the stadium deafeningly cheers intermittently.

The gladiators are inflicting serious injuries, but you need a program, or to dive underneath the surface to know it. One thing FERSHUR, these creatures are extremely dangerous in the desperate flailings. Our world could blow up at any moment just to provide protection to a passel of perverts.


What we see in the froth churning up the swamp is subtle and unimpressive. It is when you understand what causes that froth, and just how different things are going for the swamp creatures nowadays that we can afford to get a little bit excited.

I will take the FBI rolling heads for one single, small, but very significant example.

The head of the FBI blatantly broke laws with impunity, protecting Hitlary and company… that is A LOT of company. One day he shows up feeling all important to give a speech in front of high-brass California LEO politicians and finds, on his way to the podium, that on the other side of the country, Trump had fired him. Huh? I’m unemployed?? I’m unimportant??? I can’t even protect myself, let alone my bosses????? Body slammed to the floor in front of his heretofore peers.

At that very moment, a prepositioned DOJ team unbeholden to Hitlary and clan CLEARED out Holder’s office. Every blackmail document, every lie, every cover up he had squirreled away was now in enemy hands. Trumped. Note that The Donald touched none of it. He stayed well clear of the mess.

Next up, the assistant director becomes The Director of FBI. He is joined at the hip with his criminal predecessor, or at least kissin’ cousins.

THE MEMO gets passed out of House Committee. Trump holds it for a couple days. During which time the Acting Director suddenly decides to quit acting. He “takes early retirement”.

The invisible force field protecting the Clinton Crime Syndicate, and several related crime syndicates up and down the food chain from it, just suffered a total power failure.

This, folks, is what draining the swamp will look like … if it happens … and it may well be happening.

There is a rather famous Hitlary quote as Trump voters start beating the rigged machines and all. Leaving out the profanities, she is barking orders at subordinates that they had better fix it or we will all hang.

May they be well hung.