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Trump’s tightrope

The world so hated The Harpie that we got The Donald. He did not play his role correctly according to The Rulers, nor did the voters.

In my lifetime, I have never seen a candidate win that The Deep State did not want. Voters were always allowed to choose from among candidates the rulers pre-selected. The elites tried almost everything to defeat him, but even their grandest, most outlandish efforts failed.

Amazing to me, this show has been a year of “CHECKMATE”, oh, not yet, with the Trump team pulling shocking wins out of overwhelming defeats … over and over again.

The puzzle since the election has been: What is Trump willing to do that Hitlary was not, or what is he unwilling to do that she was eager to do?

I have been among those angry with Trump’s pro-war and pro-bankster appointments and moves blatantly favoring their dreams. When the threat he represented to them turned into full-fledged support I was mystified the lamestream media and globalist pet politicians continued their constant attacks on The Donald.

Now I think I get it.

His major shift mid-January 2017 was more clear than Reagan’s right after he was shot. Trump got the message that he would not live to implement all the changes he planned.


Plan B

He really is a clever tactician when working with rich and powerful. Proof #1: He is still alive, while THEY continue to attack him with everything short of assassination… which is always a heartbeat away. His game is to turn enough of his enemies into supporters that he can get his highest priority job(s) done.

The alphabet agencies are thoroughly infested with New-World-Order globalist anti-humanist pets, puppets and operatives. But they are viruses in organizations that also have significant, perhaps majority populations aghast at the direction the psychopaths and sociopaths would have us go.

It is looking to me like the trajectory of Bilderberg Group domination that has been relentlessly growing for the last century has hit its first significant speed bump.

Trump’s tightrope is the line stretched over the piranha pond with his new friends helping him survive to do whatever the controllers really, really, really do not want him to get done.

Perhaps The Memo will tell us.


The audio interview below makes several points about what The Deep State lost (and we won) with Hitlary’s defeat. It extensively covers the current state of international relations in a very credible fashion.