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There may be others like him, but I have not met one close.

My family and I have taken advantage of chiropractors for 35 years … with great success, always with provable results, well worth their fees.

Dr. Daniel Wolf, D.C.
217 North Third Street #A
Hamilton, Montana

Stands head and shoulders above all of them. He is refreshingly practical, pragmatic, honorable and extremely affordable. All that while delivering great results time after time.

Most noticeable differences:
He is the office staff.
He has ONE equipped treatment room
rather than a collection of gadgets
He has never recommended or scheduled return visits.
You will know when to come back. Give me a call.
He charges a quarter of the going rate.
Yep, twenty bucks a visit.

He is a genuine nice guy, happy in his work, and happy with his patients, customers and friends he meets through his business.

And we are quite happy with him.