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They cannot put the lid back on it.

>The FISA Memo has gone public.

I don’t need to share links. They are already everywhere.

You would have to double-bag your head before burying it in the sand to miss this stuff.

Criminal, felonious, treasonous acts at the top of a corrupt ruling oligarchy has been exposed.

Those who were hiding or covering up for the serious super-criminals DO NOT want to go down with this stinking, sinking ship.

The dam of evidence has just begun to burst.

We The People are rockin and rollin.

The ruling crime syndicate that made Caligula look like Mr. Rogers is going down.

And we get a ring-side seat.


Extremely powerful, previous invulnerable psychopaths and sociopaths have nothing to lose.

Q-Anon warns us about 10 days of darkness,

But there is nothing to fear.

Exposed too, is the complicant mainstream media, the wholly-owned propoganda subsidiary of this crime family.

The ripples will be tsunami-sized.

It might be a good idea to have a 10-day supply of popcorn for this show.