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squeezing the swamp creatures

May you live in interesting times

Whether a curse or blessing depends on attitude. I am convinced we will live in interesting times.

Much like standing in line at the snack bar when the best plays of the game take place on the coluseum field, we have the choice to watch this show or not.

I tend to read rather than watch. This morning one thing led to another, and I found myself watching YouTube videos that were hugely enlightening.

I am thinking we have been gifted a great seat in the most dramatic show in several centuries. It would be a shame to not give viewing at least a little bit of our time.

The following videos are amazing in their potential.

The producers and topics are diverse, but all insights into The Deep State… and quite possibly major drama in our near future. I recommend getting several minutes into each before deciding that one is not for you, and giving the next one a view.

In every case, they are boiling down, concentrating hours of their own research. That is quite a service.

I chose to watch all of these. There are many more. It could become a full-time job, but I have other things I want to do with my day.

Nevertheless, I will be back. I decided this morning that I don’t want to miss this show.