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For Sale

I have some clearing out to do. I am posting the information and photos here so I can reference them from other sites. Of course if you are interested in any of it, send mail to
Ted at BitterrootBugle dot com

Flock of Chickens – $100

This is a nicely balanced flock with 15 hens in their prime, three of them had yet to start laying when winter set in.

Quite a few breeds in this flock produce multi-colored eggs, brown, tan, blue and green.

I thinned out 2 middle aged roosters a few months ago, keeping grandpa who the girls liked to hang out with and one who was too young to bother the hens.

Two of the hens are good brooders, who hatched and beautifully mother-henned some chicks that we lost anyway because the facility we inherited was so poor.

Which is why I need to let this flock go at this time. I must do it in the right order. I need to build the right coop, yard, water and feeding setup, THEN get the chickens.

As much as I hate to start over at the going rate of $10 to $15 per bird, this setup is not good for them or us. I deserve a fresh start and they deserve a better home.

Significant amount of remaining feed goes with them, but I will keep the feeder and water bucket.

They are not laying for us, but with a decent sized coop they will start giving you eggs right away and likely near a dozen a day in spring.


great old recliner – $100

We are merging two households and have too many recliners. This one is immensely comfortable, impressively sturdy, but needs paint on the wood bits to look good.

The fabric is dated, but has no rips or tears and likely will last without care for a lot of years.

Did I mention SOLID? This is old-school built out of real wood and real steel. It will outlast new ones costing several times as much.

I admit to falling asleep on it several times. It really is comfortable.

As for the missing paint/stain/varnish on the arms … feels and looks good to me, but my wife would bug me until I got it sanded and painted. I don’t need another project at this time.

More significantly, we have four other nice, comfortable recliners. We really do not have a good place for a fifth.

This will make a nice, comfortable throne for someone, and outlast the cheap junk that is sold new today.


alloy wheels – $150
– Chevy half-ton 1990s –

I lost the Suburban these were on, put the tires on old steel wheels that fit my old Suburban. These factory alloys are what I would love to have … aluminum … never rust. But my 1980s Suburban with old-school locking Warn hubs will not work with these wheels.

I don’t know exactly what years they will fit. They were on a 1996 1/2 ton Suburban. I had the same wheels on a 1997 GMC Silverado. Should fit any pre-2000 GM/Chevy 2-wheel-drive or 4wd without the locking front hubs.

Again, aluminum makes wonderful rust-free wheels, and General Motors makes wheels that don’t break. Put your snow tires or summer tires on these and never worry about wheels again.

I show a close-up of the tire just to show that 265/75 R16 are the right size tire for these wheels. I had to put them on rusting steel so they would fit my truck.


Better-than-new large dog crate! – $45

You don’t have to worry about your puppy chewing on the corners. That has already been done.

You don’t have to worry about the chrome-plated door starting to show some rust. It already does.

How great that all your worries can be done away with.

It is 36″ long, 24″ wide, 26″ tall

It is solid.

It is in perfectly good functional condition.
It costs a fraction of new or near-new. It fits large dogs … like big Labs, or German Shepherds, not jumbos like St. Bernards or Great Danes.


Alvarez acoustic electric bass guitar – $400

In excellent condition.

Nice padded TKL case.

Upgraded with great sounding, nice feeling Fender tape-wound electric bass strings.

Original steel-wound strings included.

Turns out I needed a fretless bass to feel comfortable.

I just couldn’t get used to having frets.

Information from Alvarez:

Open sounding and punchy acoustic bass fitted with the fantastic LR Baggs Element pick up and StagePro EQ for optimal live performance.

Solid A+ Grade Sitka Top / Gloss

Mahogany Back & Sides / Semi Gloss

FST2M, Forward Shifted, Scalloped Bracing

Mahogany Neck, Semi-Gloss w/12th Fret Inlay,

Rosewood Fingerboard,

Premium Die-cast Tuners

LR Baggs StagePro EQ w/Element Pick Up


HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 – $25

This is an extra printer for us.

It has a warning about the print head.
Currently does not print.

HP and others publish an 8-step or so trouble shooting, possible repair sequence that I just do not have the head or patience to go through.

Maybe the print head needs to be replaced. That is a fraction of the cost of a new printer with these capabilities.

This may be an impressive machine, but I don’t print much… and certainly don’t need this quality level.

The cartridges in it were fine.
Included are two unusued cartridges.


Dining Table and Chairs – $300

Complete dining set.

Very solid dining table with removable leaf

Table top could use sanding and fresh varnish or verathane to remove some discoloration.

Six beautiful dining chairs.
Every chair solid
No joints needing glue
No repairs needed

Very solid center support system.

Top comes off with four bolts for transportation.

Leaves latch in place, or table halves latch together with leaf removed