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Cold war
Hot war

Today the typical murrikan celebrates the deliberate destruction of USofA versus / Russia / China / Korea / Iran / Yemen / etcetera
by running big screen televisions full time while grazing on GMO chips, dips, cheese and lots of watery beer-like substance.

Much of what that television poured out last year was the destruction of international relations, with particular focus on making Russia into a country worth sharing nuclear war with.

Won’t that be fun?

It did not have to be. The war mongers lost our presidential election. We were on the brink of peace.

Sadly, Trump’s rebellious early cabinet appointments shifted trajectory in mid-January. He turned from hiring outsiders to surrounding himself with military-industrial complex heads and central banksters.

They are doing their thing
Playing with fire
Playing with explosives
Toying with the planet Earth.

The links below are mostly on the demonizing of a country that posed no threat to 99.9% of us, but challenged the agenda of the rest.

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