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extraordinary fires

Controlling fire has marked the progress of mankind.

This new level of control will mark the decline.

Fire behavior nowadays is unlike anything firefighters have faced before. It behooves us as individuals to prepare for abnormal fire events. Be overly conservative in your planning and setups.

Funny, I bought a snow blower in July; talking about fire with a foot of snow outside.

I accumulated several videos, links and significant information on some California fires that were definitely unnatural.

Mostly it is hard to believe; difficult to accept what these videos expose.

Not wanting to believe it is one thing, but covering your eyes, ears and closing your mind is to ignore something very important.

This is real. People not only are capable of destroying life, liberty and property, they are doing it … with fire.

That they are capable of actually doing this should tell you all you need to know about them.
It ought to inspire your distrust in people like this.
It should generate some curiosity about who they are.
You may want to resist their assaults,
or at least try.

They don’t like you.
At all.