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I cannot not see this.

I am disappointed that people can.

What is so blatant to me is invisible to others.

Most of them are walking around looking down at little screens in the palm of their hands. What passes for knowledge and information to them comes from that little screen. Not the world around or sky above.

A non-observer would not notice the difference in colors overhead. I can’t help but notice that “sky blue” is pretty much gone from our world as well as our language.

The barium, strontium, aluminum and other nano-particle clouds look very different from the water-vapor clouds that nature used to put over my head. The old pastime of sharing shapes visualized in puffy clouds is essentially lost to modern man.

When I DuckDuckGo websearch “chemtrails” over half the hits are coming from the same people running the spray program. It is completely unsurprising that they would invest significantly in a disinformation program.

The entire operation is outrageously expensive. Using the standard business management 20% for marketing, that affords a huge operation to offset the volunteer lookouts who are observing, researching and raising a ruckus about it.

In addition to sharing the photos I took Monday, I am putting up links to that volunteer army-air-force that is exposing the truth.

While it is impractical for me to take documentary photos very often, and even more illogical for me to try putting them all online for a tiny audience, the websites linked below have huge libraries of photos, videos, research and analysis that are impossible to credibly refute.

In no particular order:

I often ponder finding people intelligent enough to dress themselves yet stupid enough to poison the planet. Many of the watchers linked above have met, interviewed or were such people.

Escapees report that the chemtrail industry has a huge secret police force to keep a lid on potential whistleblowers. One was told to shut up about it or she would be locked up in a mental institution and her daughter would grow up in foster homes.

As you might imagine, Edward Snowdens are few and far between.

By the way, I uploaded full-sized photos, posting thumbnails that you can enlarge if you wish to see greater detail. I got a great one of a spray plane – a source of amazement to me that my little camera can do such things. The change from blue sky to chemical haze is also quite apparent in this series of unmodified photos.