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California war zone

The war against sanity, humanity and Earth has really heated up in California. I don’t want to believe it, you won’t want to believe it and most people will turn off the incoming information because they cannot believe it.

Crawling into your safe space might seem like a good idea, but while you hide in your blanket fort, evil can sneak right up and pounce. You cannot escape, fight back or control the outcome that you don’t see coming.

In July the Santa Rosa Planning Commission zoned a large area for high density housing. It was fully occupied with $200,000 – $2,000,000 expansive, single-family homes with large landscaped yards, 2-5 car garages and generous setbacks from the streets.

In October, the exact area outlined by their map was evacuated just before every home burned to unrecognizable ash while adjacent trees survived with leaves intact. Watch some of the video links below. They are quite startling … and compelling.

Now the semi-arid desert area around Los Angeles is suffering from what lamestream media calls “a forest fire”. Most people who lived in the burned out homes had not even seen a forest.

Firefighters “have never seen anything like this. It is like someone set of a nuclear bomb.”

Yeah. Kind-of like that. Look a bit at directed energy weapons.

You should understand that this is taking place. We are in a very one-sided war where our enemy is financed by us, attacking us and our only weapon is knowledge. Sharing widely enough is the only way we can shut these psychopaths down.

First understand what is going on.

Pick and choose your way through the links below.

Do not concern yourself with trying to figure out “why”. Don’t let your inability to conjure up a reasonable “why” stop you from observing what is really happening.

First SEE.

Understanding will come from seeking, which cannot begin until you are ready to accept the knowledge.