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yes, but

In recent years the geoengineering has become blatant. The tankers criss-cross our skies more days than not. The spray trails spread into obvious unnatural line and grid haze. Weather events around the world exceed severity ever recorded.

For most of the last decade official denial has been the norm. Ridicule and bunk de-bunking are among their tools. The second level, for those who are observing the chemtrails, is to quietly sell the necessity of these actions.

In this video, “experts” who work for Harvard, that is to say, “the deep state”, freely admit that geoengineering is taking place, but explain how it aluminum, barium, strontium and other nano-particles are “saving the Earth from global warming”.

Here is the video at the source:

I put this backup version at my Vimeo page in case the original is taken down:

Chemtrails admitted by harvard university (mirror) – Vidme from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

Solar radiation management and geoengineering are actual phrases they now use. Here Greg Hunter interviews Dane Wigington, one of the preeminent experts on the facts and results of geoengineering:

For YouTube fans, here are expert observations in Dane Wigington’s channel:

Below is a great presentation from that channel. If you watch none of the others, this is the most important.

Here is a link to the premier geoengineering information library:

That last one is too important to be lost in this post. I will put it up on its own as well as here. But first, I am putting a copy of it on my Vimeo channel to back up Dane’s YouTube publication.