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putting fake news outlets in charge of censorship

The German parliament has voted to fine social media networks up to €50 million ($56 million) if they fail to remove hateful content or fake news. The networks will be given 24 hours to block or delete any inappropriate content.

Around the same time the German government acted, Facebook, Google (YouTube), Twitter and others created and staffed departments to “combat fake news”. Their words are ironic in that fake news is all they will allow. The Internet has been killing their propaganda and terrorism efforts. They intend to FIX that.

In Germany, USofA and anywhere else governments strive for control, the conflict is always free speech and the right to defend it, the cornerstones of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, VS the usurpers controlling thought and action of anyone threatening to their total control.

Six men control half the wealth in the world.

Six men control over 90% of the media.

Yet that is not enough for them. There is only so much amusement left for the average psychopath when money and power become virtually unlimited.

More, more, more they demand, but it is unsatisfying.

More death, more destruction, more power, more agony, more money … nothing satisfies. So they end up doing things with their money and power that we cannot believe humanly possible.

Poison the soil.
Poison the air.
Poison the water.
Kill the plants.
Kill the animals.
Destroy knowledge.
Eliminate creativity.

C’mon, nobody smart enough to put on a pair of pants would do that. There must be another answer.

Nope. The ultimate disease, combined with the ultimate power. That’s the truth right in front of our faces.

Their edifice is crumbling. Their plan has holes in it. We just might survive in spite of them.

That’s my plan, anyway.