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2006 Idaho governor candidate debate

Seeing Ron Paul championing my main 2006 campaign theme a decade later inspired me to look for this video.

I couldn’t find it at the PBS website, so I uploaded a copy I had saved years ago.

Debating in front of television cameras live to a state-wide audience was a terrifying to do, but probably the best performance of my political career.

My biggest campaign theme was liberal tax credits for scholarships to private schools equal to a maximum of half what taxpayers spend on government schools. We would save money while liberating education.

It was a good idea then.

It still is.

PBS 2006 Gubernatorial Debate televised Idaho-wide. from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

Reconnecting with an old friend brought my ‘5 minutes of fame’ back to mind. The old video had gone away – again. I watched it last night for the first time in many years. I got so much right, and now with a more dispassionate view realize I did even better than I remembered. If you removed party labels and were left with one of those two choices to be Idaho governor, I won.

Pretty dang good for my first television appearance. Of course that guy in 2006 is quite different from this guy who is 12 years older. I could not nor would I want to do that over again… but I did what very few do, and did it well.

I award that younger Ted *ONE ATTABOY*.