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L. Neil Smith penned an often quoted and referenced article “Why Did it Have to be … Guns?”. If you are unfamiliar, click the link to check it out.

In essence, if a politician does not trust you with guns, you should not trust that person with any power or authority.

I have a similar litmus test regarding political philosophy. If someone thinks, or is trying to convince us our Constitution created a democracy here, they are ignorant or evil. Nothing they say, write or do after that has any interest to me.

In a democracy, the majority of those voting take anything from, do anything to the minority with popularity of the action justifying their abuse.

The little takers vote for people and policies that make their lives easier. But in the higher levels of this taking pyramid are those who live large on purloined purses. There lie the multimillionaires who have not done a lick of honest work in their lives.

Also occupying a low level in this pyramid are those selling substitution of the word “republic“. At some point the elites turned that word out to pasture getting the educators, media and others with public forums to help marketing their disreputable political organization.

Then we have their thugs, The Enforcers spreading dumbocracy around the world, all the while chanting the Orwellian Newspeak phrase, “peace and freedom” as they destroy culture after culture with unspeakable violence.

Today EIGHT people own HALF the wealth in the world.

Even the most despotic dictatorships would not dare shoot that high. Without the illusion that this government represents “the people”, the revolution would have come long ago.

Anyone representing “democracy” as other than a perverse, crushing profanity has no cultural or political knowledge to impart.