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November 4th EMP

Next Saturday may well be
very interesting.

(As in the Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times)


As Elias Alias covered handsomely in the post EMPBS, coronal mass ejections or man-made EMPs could thrust us violently into the stone age. If you just arrived at my website and haven’t heard of these, use the above link to study up in a hurry.

Next weekend The Deep State’s Department of Homeland inSecurity is running an EMP drill. Eeeek!!! Federal drills have a bad habit of coinciding with a very real version of what they are practicing for.

Even more disconcerting, The Drill coincides with the widely publicized beginning of the Soros-and-Friends financed revolution against Trump and FOR whoknowswhat, but I’m betting it won’t be good.

See yesterday’s article November 4th “protests”.

This exercise is drawing in as many amateur radio operators as they can. We hams studied, trained, geared up for and practice using the very best emergency alternative when grid, Internet, phones and all normal means of communication have been destroyed by man or nature.

Hams, including a good friend of mine, right now are providing crucial communications throughout Puerto Rico with volunteers on their own dimes down there to facilitate comms on the island that has been trashed. They, we, do that … as best we can.

So now FEMA and Friends are inviting us to be part of their drill. They are encouraging all practicing hams to join their exercise next weekend and PRETEND an EMP took out all normal means of communication and WE ARE IT for the country.

Of course the amateur radio operators are flattered that their potential contributions are being recognized by important government figures. Our organizations are publicizing and encouraging our involvement. “Let’s show them that we can be useful partners. Then all the reindeer will love us and we will go down in his-storr-eeee.”

Or down in flames …

like an EMP that takes out OUR personal equipment and the comms we had hoped to provide for our communities.

Get us all excited to be on the air serving our high-powered oaf-fish-als then blast us with a CIA, oops, I mean North Korean EMP attack.

Now the civilian, community comms are blasted into useless electronic junk along with the grid, the grocery stores, and everything else that used to run with electricity.

A handful of us have backup gear in Faraday Cages, but we lost A LOT of observers and information traffic vectors.

Of course if you had no radios, you lost nothing.
You know nothing.
You had no hope of knowing anything.

It is okay. Maybe bad things will never happen, Pollyanna.

I wish you luck with that.
I will be incredibly happy if you are right.
You will be SOL if you are not.