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I am excerpting from the Waking Times article linked below.

10 Quotes from the Book Bruce Lee was Writing When He Died

Bruce Lee Writing

2. “Freedom discovers man the moment he loses concern over what impression he is making or about to make.”

3. “Do not run away; let go. Do not seek, for it will come when least expected.”

5. “To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.”

6. “Seeing takes place with the inner mind.”

7. “We are proud when we identify ourselves with an imaginary self, a leader, a holy cause, a collective body or possessions… There is fear and intolerance in pride.”

8. “The control of our being is not unlike the combination of a safe. One turn of the knob rarely unlocks the safe; each advance and retreat is a step toward one’s final achievement.”

9. “In every passionate pursuit, the pursuit counts more than the object pursued.”

10. “A good fighter must sense rather than perceive his chance to strike.”

Bruce was an exceptional man. Very few philosophers are noticed. He was extraordinary in many ways.