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first see

I mean really see. Accept what your eyes are telling you.

Do not let unacceptable answers to “how?” and “why?” prevent your mind from absorbing what you can see with your own eyes.

That’s impossible.
Nobody would do that.
Therefore I cannot believe what I am seeing.
Therefore it did not happen.
I must move to other topics. This one is uncomfortable.

These are all normal human action/reaction. Chalk it up to “Life is mysterious” or something like that, then erase the discomforting evidence from your mind.

But something strange happened in Santa Rosa last week. I shared a great video in my article here:

Santa Rosa firestorm

Then there is this video:
Drone footage of fire damage in Santa Rosa | Los Angeles Times | Buildings and Cars Destroyed – Trees and Plastic Items Untouched

Today I came upon an extensive collection of very abnormal photographs. I am sharing a few of them below.

Trust your eyes.

About Santa Rosa’s Housing Action Plan
To address the local ongoing unmet housing needs and to implement the City’s General Plan Housing Element, the City prepared the Housing Action Plan (PDF) which consists of the following 5 program areas:

Increase inclusionary affordable housing
Achieve “Affordability by design” in market-rate projects
Assemble and offer public land for housing development
Improve development readiness
Increase affordable housing investment and partnerships

Within these 5 program areas, there are 31 program elements. Each program element is an action items addressing all 5 program areas and providing a wide range of approaches to support housing for all affordability levels. Many of the 31 program elements are underway. For a complete list of program elements, click here.

House fires normally have burned out hulks of houses with charred steel refrigerators, washers, driers, beams, corners, and so on in the wreckage. It did not happen that way in Santa Rosa this month.

Strangely, highly flammable pine trees stand green next to ashes from extraordinarily hot house and car fires. Picture after picture are shared showing plastic mailboxes and trash bins standing next to ‘nuked’ houses.

You might be interested in this set of web search results:
Directed Energy Weapons.

Or this page with more evidence regarding the source of this extremely unique firestorm.

How and Why California Fires Were DEW Created