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Las Vegas

I have been reading, watching and thinking A LOT about the mass shooting event. I waited to post this until I had some good analysis, information and video clips I could link to for supporting evidence.

I reached that point this morning.

The poster to the right expresses many of the glaring holes the official story has had for me from the outset. The “guilty lone shooter” initially reminded me of the patsy from the Aurora theater shootings, and further back, Lee Harvey Oswald. The odds they actually did the deed are slim, that they acted alone nonexistent.

That the official investigation reports will expose to us the actual shooters, or additional shooters … well, that simply won’t happen as it does not serve the purpose of this event. Since the event managers, mainstream media and politicians running with this tale are all members of the Bilderberg Group, I’ll call their fable the “Bilderberg Story”, or “BS” for short.

My overview of the glaring anomalies.

I’ll start with the setup.

BS says this pudgy old guy who dislikes guns, has never been photographed holding one, practicing with one, has never been documented within miles of a full-auto firearm, carried 10, 20, 27 or some other number of long guns and a thousand or more rounds of ammo into a 33rd floor hotel room.

Green Beret, Mossad, Navy Seal, Blackwater … ?
Not fitting well, methinks.

Casinos have surveillance cameras everywhere and full time staff watching banks of monitors. Long guns are, well, long … and weigh quite a bit, as do large quantities of magazines and, moreso, rifle ammunition. BS gives us not a single photo of him entering the hotel … neither with or without heavy and/or long luggage. Were this part real, we would have photos plastered all over the published BS.

Then the BS number of guns, itself a bit of a moving target. One rifle, maybe with one backup rifle is all a real shooter would carry to his shooting position. Exposing yourself to security cameras, hotel staff, room service, other guests and more by packing a dozen or two rifles into a room is functionally and tactically stupid.

Now we have rifle selection for targets 400 yards away. Effective lethal range of the .223 bullets is considered to be significantly less than that. Real shooters would, and as we will see, did use larger caliber weapons. But the BS blames the super-common AR-15.

The video that cemented the falsity of the BS was taken by a cab driver who was waiting in line to pick up a fare. She wisely boogied outta there, but quite clearly recorded multiple shooters with at least two different types of rifles, one likely a belt-fed M60, or relative of it.

Watch. Listen. The distances to shooters, rates of fire, sound volume all speak of multiple shooters.

I have been with rifle shooters hundreds of times, hearing many calibers, often shooting from a common firing line in competitions with both 22 and 30 caliber rifles. The sound of the .30s is deeper and louder. I am also familiar with full-auto M16 and AR-15 bump-fire. The rate of fire is quicker with the smaller rifle.

The taxi-driver video also shoots major holes in the feed mechanism of the guilty rifle. Listen to that deeper, slower-rate string of fire. That goes well beyond, around double the capacity of the 20 or 30 round magazines pictured in the BS, and common to AR-15-type rifles. Suspiciously like a 30-caliber belt-fed, full-auto, military rifle usually carried by The Big Guy in the squad.

That was IT for me. I knew any story blaming AR-15-level rifles was missing the target, either deliberately or from incompetence. Pretty much the definition of Fake News.

For days I have been asking around, “What is that rifle?” I must know or be connected to someone who could recognize the sound pattern.

Aha! Here it is. Not just a recollection, but very solid comparison.

The 38-second video to the left shows us the tool used.

You will GET what was bugging me about the sound.

This webpage does a real thorough job on the guns, sounds and rates of fire:
What Guns Were Used in Las Vegas Shooting?

Then there is this photo from many BS sources. Ohmygosh! It looks like it was taken on the set of a long-running tv cop show set. Completely cheesy. The uniformed, armed cops look posed around the squad car while unconcerned guys in Tee-shirts stroll about and chat on their cell phones in front and behind the cover-seeking heroes.

We have dozens of eye-witnesses Internet reporting multiple shooters from multiple locations. No BS reports of that.

Then in News Of The Weird part 1, we have this:
“…One woman, who was at the Route 91 music event, claimed an unidentified woman had told other concert-goers they were “all going to die” after pushing her way to the front of the venue.
The witness, 21, told local news: “She had been messing with a lady in front of her and telling her she was going to die, that we were all going to die.
“They escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people, but none of us knew it was going to be serious.”…

Okay BS, Where is the brass? For every round fired, the rifle expends one HOT empty brass case. Anytime anyone (but our special Ninja friend) fires hundreds of rounds, there is a noticeable pile of spent cases nearby. THAT, by the way, is a photo op the anti-gun BS would publish in a blink – if they had it.

No, that pile of brass was in another room, protected by the ‘Warren Commission’ investigators from our prying eyes.

And News Of The Weird part 2
Was There a Shooting at Caesar’s Palace 15-minutes After the Music Festival Massacre?
Did one of the actual shooters almost get caught? No BS coverage, even mention of this one. The lack of official notice is glaring.

YouTube and Facebook are rushing to plug the information leakage. They want to support the BS completely. Links are falling down, blocked, diverted and steering information sharing away from the truth.

Here is some more writing with links of the topic:
10 Things That Just Don’t Add Up About the Las Vegas Mass Shooting