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civility within community

. . THE SUPREME LAW OF A HEALTHY COMMUNITY IS THE NON AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE “No one has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate physical aggression against another, nor to delegate or authorize its use.” In accordance; Each person has the individual right to self defense and the defense of their property. Each individual person owns their own body and no other. Private property represents our investment. No one has more “rights” than any other.

November 4th EMP

Next Saturday may well be very interesting. (As in the Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times) PART 2 As Elias Alias covered handsomely in the post EMPBS, coronal mass ejections or man-made EMPs could thrust us violently into the stone age. If you just arrived at my website and haven’t heard of these, use the above link to study up in a hurry. Next weekend The Deep State’s Department of Homeland inSecurity is running an EMP drill. Eeeek!!! Federal drills have a bad habit of coinciding with a very real version of what they are practicing for. Even more disconcerting, The Drill coincides with the widely publicized beginning of the Soros-and-Friends financed revolution against Trump and FOR […]


A friend, compatriot and exceptional analyst artfully crafted the following article. I share it here because he published it for the widest possible distribution. You can see it in its native environment here: The Mental Militia I encourage you to go there, or here read, comprehend and follow the links where they lead you. Knowledge will ensue. Ted   E.M.P.B.S.   by Elias Alias October 2017   Coronal Loops I recently (September 2017) had a conversation with a Deputy Sheriff in Montana who asked why I would wrap an external hard drive in tin foil, then place it inside a tin-foil-lined box, then seal the whole box with an outer layer of tin foil.  I replied that I had done […]

November 4th “protests”

Next Saturday is likely to be very interesting. (As in the Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times) PART 1 Social media is all-a-twitter with protest plotting, planning, organizing all purportedly to replace the current political leadership with … uh, what isn’t exactly clear … but it will be good, fershur. Rioting, looting, roving gangs of bullies, beatings, death and destruction always produces real fine results. Of course none of these social, political wiz-kids have heard or, gasp! read of, The Brown Shirts, or Kristallnacht: Night of the broken glass 79 years ago. They merrily go along repeating disastrous unremembered history as ordered by their superiors. Interestingly enough, George Soros was part of the Nazi holicost then, and […]

grass is good

I have read many more PROs from the 20+ states who overturned at least some parts of the current federal prohibition, but this list below nails much of it. There is an incredible amount of positive, scientific and historical support for cannabis. The downside seems to all emanate from those who designed The War On Drugs to manipulate society. This Is How Legal Cannabis Is Improving Public Health Cannabis has a significant positive impact on some of America’s deadliest bad habits. By Paul Armentano / AlterNet October 20, 2017, 11:49 AM GMT       Green Haze marijuana plant Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Max Pixel Legal cannabis access is associated with numerous favorable public health outcomes. Here are just a few […]

philosopher Bruce Lee

I am excerpting from the Waking Times article linked below. 10 Quotes from the Book Bruce Lee was Writing When He Died 2. “Freedom discovers man the moment he loses concern over what impression he is making or about to make.” 3. “Do not run away; let go. Do not seek, for it will come when least expected.” 5. “To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.” 6. “Seeing takes place with the inner mind.” 7. “We are proud when we identify ourselves with an imaginary self, a leader, a holy cause, a collective body or possessions… There is fear and intolerance in pride.” 8. “The control of our being is not […]

price signals

Decisions, decisions… How does one decide between the Porsche Macan and Subaru wagon? Go to work, or go play golf? Be an artist or accountant? Leave our lights on or turn them off? Many options we choose in life have a monetary factor. The phrase “with cost no object” is always used in rhetorical questions. The real world thrusts cost/benefit at us regularly. In my household, we choose to pay for quality food as diet is one of the most important factors in health. Meanwhile, AMA training spends zero hours on diet and thousands of hours studying pharmaceuticals. We pay out of our own pockets for chiropractors, herbalists, essential oil therapies, reference libraries and medical kits. We would not […]

showtime vs realtime

Mainstream media and ghosts of presidencies past are scurrying into dark corners hoping the “Uranium One” scandal will blow over. Many of us are rooting for it to blow up on the Teflon Couple and their slimy co-conspirators. They fear Trump for good reason. He has not run cover for them the way all recent presidents did for their crime family. BUT he did bow down to what I guess was some powerful threats and fill top level administration positions with the same banksters and military-industrial-complex leaders on the same team as Bush-Clinton-Obama. It is an interesting show. I won’t be surprised if the storm blows over with the criminals unscathed, but I cannot help hope for a modicum of […]


Social media giant becomes arm of US intel by Finian Cunningham Facebook, the world’s top social media platform, is reportedly seeking to hire hundreds of employees with US national security clearance licenses. Purportedly with the aim of weeding out “fake news” and “foreign meddling” in elections. If that plan, reported by Bloomberg, sounds sinister, that’s because it is. For what it means is that people who share the same worldview as US intelligence agencies, the agencies who formulate classified information, will have a direct bearing on what millions of consumers on Facebook are permitted to access. It’s as close to outright US government censorship on the internet as one can dare to imagine, and this on a nominally independent global […]

turning points

My first-born’s upcoming birthday inspired my pondering of where I was at his age, and where I went from there. In the photo to the right I am standing in my seven foot tall cover crop of oats, bell beans and vetch. I began studying agriculture in college earlier, fortunately running across Bob Cannard before I wasted a ton of time becoming mal-educated by the reigning ‘conventional ag’. I was about five years into learning how to work WITH nature, listen to her, help her, and subtly discovering that the dominant school of thought was just flat WRONG in the agricultural realm. The Bob Cannard school of thought has many names, but its successes are irrefutable. We can, and […]


Quite early this season was a snowfall of fat flakes inspiring me to try a video capturing it. I think you can get the impression from this 6-second clip. Oct 12 snowing from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo. I had to click on the Oct 12 Snowing link to play it. You shouldn’t, but that is how it worked for me at the time of posting.

clear with 100% chance of chemtrails

A squadron of spray planes painted our otherwise clear blue sky. Does the EPA know what they are up to? Where is public safety on this stuff? They don’t even acknowledge it, though the program is public knowledge. This are photos I took this morning.

47 computer and laser years

I was a US Air Force computer operator in 1970, running state-of-the-art commercial computers at a time most people had never seen any computer and had no idea what they did or how. The picture on the right has mostly peripheral equipment with the RCA 301 computer being the big box in the center against the wall. In the systems that I operated, that box had 17K (17,000 characters) of core storage. By comparison, today you can buy an Arduino Micro with 32K (about double) of flash memory and A BUNCH MORE computing power for $19.80 … or about $1.80 in 1970 dollars. Yesterday I posted computers circa 1970 because at the same time I was an Air Force computer […]

first see

I mean really see. Accept what your eyes are telling you. Do not let unacceptable answers to “how?” and “why?” prevent your mind from absorbing what you can see with your own eyes. That’s impossible. Nobody would do that. Therefore I cannot believe what I am seeing. Therefore it did not happen. I must move to other topics. This one is uncomfortable. These are all normal human action/reaction. Chalk it up to “Life is mysterious” or something like that, then erase the discomforting evidence from your mind. But something strange happened in Santa Rosa last week. I shared a great video in my article here: Santa Rosa firestorm Then there is this video: Drone footage of fire damage in Santa […]