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Of Course The Country Is Divided

from The Ron Paul Liberty Report

Government is very slick with its marketing:

– United “We” Stand
– “It’s Not Who We Are” As A Country
– “We The People”
– Russia Wants “To Divide Us”

… and on and on.

Government likes to portray the country as a unified entity.

It’s pure fantasy and false advertising at its finest.

Let’s say you’re person who believes in “live and let live.” You’d never use force against your neighbor, and you’d never send government to use force against your neighbor for your benefit.

You want to be left alone, and you show the same courtesy to others.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need others.

You’ll gladly trade and exchange with other individuals. You’ll trade your labor for pay. You’ll trade your pay for goods and services produced by others.

But such interactions are all voluntary and peaceful. Everyone wins, and everyone is free to say ‘no’ to each individual exchange.

There are a lot of people like this in America, and you happen to be one of them. Pat yourself on the back.

But America consists of over 300 million people, and there are many others who do not share your sense of humanity.

They are not interested in leaving you alone to live freely. They will not extend the same courtesy that you extend to them. They have a big problem with “live and let live.”

They want to somehow force you to do what they want you to do. They especially want any money of yours that they can get.

Only a very small percentage, however, will personally come and use violence against you. They want your money, but not that bad.

The vast majority will instead use government to do their dirty work.

The government doesn’t mind because whenever they steal, they take a huge cut for themselves. In fact, they end up being the big winners who live more luxurious lives than everyone else.

How can such a situation produce “Unity”?

How can people be “Undivided” under this kind of setup?

It’s impossible!

Instead, this “system” produces tremendous division. No one likes to be the dupe. No one likes to be the one that is robbed. So everyone then fights to be in the position of the robber!

It becomes a society of rob or be robbed.

And everyone has their pet excuse as to why they should be the robber, and everyone else should be the robbed.

There is no unity.

Government marketing is all fluff.

They like to give the appearance that everyone is cool with this debauchery.

There can be unity someday. It is possible.

But it would be a different type of “unity.” It wouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all impossibility that everyone images today.

It would be a unity in accepting that using force against your neighbor is wrong, no matter what pet excuse is offered up.

Such a society requires a big change in beliefs.

If it’s wrong to use aggressive force as an individual, it’s also wrong to use the government as your agent. Government is not a loophole to commit immoral acts.